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My recent search for a new (to me?) board, has me trying to decide from a selection of boards ranging from (very old) NOS to more recent models that are used but in good shape. (My desire for a quality ride on a stupid tight budget has led me to search out all kinds of interesting deals!)

For example I've come across an Elan Vertigo from 2000 and also from 2007ish. Then there are a few older Arbor A-Frames , I've heard alot of great things about the recent models($$), but don't know if they were as good 2000-2005 ish?

True with a variety of products (favourite underwear included), I've sometimes found that a companies attempt to "new and improve" something, can not only be disapointing, but sometimes be so bad you're forced to buy another company's product! Food ("new and improved recipe") products are another one.

Of course different products can change over time for a number of reasons. Hopefully, snowboarding products improve as a result of technology advancement, rider testing, research, etc. Unfortunately, some things go from topnotch to shabby because a company loses focus, cuts corners ($), changes owners, etc. We see the good and the bad in the automotive industry all the time!

Anyways...what I'm wondering is if anyone can offer opinion on the developement or not, of these two models over the past 5-10 years? Also, I know they're not mentioned here very often, but the Option Vinson is another board I'm curious about. I believe Option had a very good reputation in the early 2000s, then ? Heard somewhere their high end boards were good quality till the end, but wondering if anyone knows or actually rode any?

Any and all opinions/ideas/info. much appreciated. Other examples, stories of favourite products "NEW AND IMPROVED" becoming junk might be interesting. Thanks, ZL.

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