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topsheet repair


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so i was hit by straight-liner today at the hill:freak3:. but the board took a few chips.

this would be my first snowboard repair and im not really sure what to do.

i really dont care if it doesnt look perfect, just need to something to stop the chipping.

thanks for all of the help


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Run some tape around the edge and then apply 2 part epoxy. You can take a brown marker and color in the white parts before you do this, it wont look good but maybe better than the white areas. Let it set up overnight before removing the tape.

I would recommend a one component urethane over a two part epoxy. The urethane will be much more flexible and it won't ever delaminate unless the underlying structure does. I would suggest 3M 5200 (you can get it at most Home Depot's or places that sell stuff for boats). You can tint it with dry pigment or paint it after it cures. It skins over in 24 hours and cures in seven days at room temperature. Good things come to those who wait.

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