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It's the pants man, it's the pants.....


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I noticed that there was a significant amount of talk regarding the equipment technology and tweaking during the men's PGS. It was the only event I heard any reference to the technology, mind you I didn't really watch that much.

I also found this article in the Toronto Star, talking about the clothing technology:


Is everyone ready to reconsider the $1500 jacket thread? It could make you faster.......

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It's too bad that image is so important in this sport.

"We want to keep the cool factor in snowboarding, we don't want it to go speed suits," said U.S. boarder Nick Baumgartner, who felt the Canadian team's pants broke a gentleman's agreement among racers that pants would be kept a certain width. (Baumgartner was later eliminated in a qualifying round.)

"It's the integrity of the sport," fellow American Nate Holland told The New York Times. "I'm a snowboarder through and through, and boardercross is a freestyle snow-boarder's race. I think it should stay that way."

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