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First day on Soft boots

Bobby Buggs

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Since 1995:eek: it was an interesting start. Equipment, Rossi 1Mag 159, Flow M11, Rossi Jeremy Jones Boa's.

To put it simply I was in sensory overload the first 2 runs. I was thinking about so many things I could not focus on what mattered. Snow conditions, people, the board, boots fitting:freak3:. Finally after my 3rd run I was able to eliminate all the clutter and get down to business. It was actually quite fun. I can do a toe side carve no problem so I went in to it pretty fast, transition to heel was a bit of a problem but I ironed that out and went charging after a nice heel side carve and Boom, Im on my back sliding at about 20mph. I stop and realized I cant snap this thing on the heel side like an alpine board, the boots hit and raised the board off the snow hence the slide on my back.

So I need to figure out that deep heel side carve.

I enjoyed some back foot riding in the small bumps and was able to do some quick edge changes in the fall line by the end of the day. Getting around on 1 foot is terrible. I hate having my front foot turned and slipping around. Did a split getting off the chair:nono: wont do that again. Loved riding, hated 1 footing it, No stability.

NO Im not giving up my alpine stuff but I can see this being fun in the spring "Splash and Dash" days at Mt Snow in the coming weeks.

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Softies can be fun. I ride them sometimes now. They can carve pretty well and easily on softer snow. On hardpack I always end up losing an edge and going for a long slide or worse. Fun on steep off piste stuff, but I can ride my SG Cult just as well on hardboots. I'm going to try a stiff freeride on plates and see how that works out. Might be the best of both worlds as I think it would be a little more manuverable in the tight stuff. I do love my 3800 in softies but my feet always get cramped when riding off piste.

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The 1 footed softboot glide is more of a skateboard style, its all in the hips and pushing the board out in front of you and then swinging the leg up in front of it and stomping the heel and toes down, and letting the tarsals of your feet and toes do the work to keep the board from squirting out under your foot. Just watch all the park gappers skate around... they are naturals to learn from ;)

By chance, what angles is your stance at? If you are booting out on the heelside, you will need to offset them to more toe drag, or just live with 1 side of a carve being stronger than the other, or increase the binding angles more aggressive, or more duck.... or worse, doomed ride a toboggan width board like us BIGFOOTS ;)

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