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F2 Intec Snowboard Step-in Bindings Plate Race - $100


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Hey Bouzeux;

I'll take them. May I assume that the normal cant wedges are underneath toes and heels of each binding? It's the ones that come with the bindings. If so, just give the email address that you want PayPal sent to.

Thanks, Mark

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greysontrays, FYI, I have bought and sold a lot of products through the BOL classifieds and I can definitely say that your first post would not have put you first in line with me. "Interested" and "I want them" have different meanings. There are a lot of tire kickers here and first to commit gets the product with me.

"If they are mediums, I want them" is a clear way to have phrased your first post. It is also helpful to the seller to send a PM repeating your desire to buy the product. (you likely did this).

Congratulations on getting the bindings.

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Whoever got them, if by chance you don't want that leash, I'd love to have it. Be happy to paypal you the $$ to cover postage plus a buck or two. PM or email me. Thanks.

Why do you want the leash? I have an old purple Checker Pig leash that looks somewhat like that one, if you want it...... er, well.... maybe I should see what it's worth first! :rolleyes: I remember those bindings that came with it.... they were interesting, but didn't last too long!

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