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FS: F2 Speedster 158


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I purchased this F2 on Bomber last year. I have only ridden it 3 times and it's sat since then--I just have too many boards. The board is in perfect shape. There is no damage visible anywhere on the board, including the base, top sheet, and edges; healthy camber remaining due to lack of use, as visible on the pics. Aside from the marks from the TD3s and the healthy wax job, the board could almost pass for new.

Asking $300 or best offer, including shipping.

The Rossi Race VAS I picked up this year at Telluride's local ski swap. I rode it once. It too, like the Speedster, is just not my type of board. I paid $100 for it and would only ask the same from someone here on Bomber who could enjoy it more than myself (shipping on the Rossi not included) The board is very fast and very stable, just too skinny for me, requiring too aggressive angles. The board is in excellent shape; it is probably at least 3 years old, but I cannot be sure.

I can be contacted at 970-729-1504 or masolow@earthlink.net. Please feel free to call me with questions.
















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Sounds good. I can be there around 10. I have to take my 2 kids to ski school beside the gondola. I'll be riding my Sims Burner or SG. Give me a call on my cell at 318 - 0411. I might have to go back to the car to get my board since one of my kids is little and I have to carry her stuff. I'll see if David Glynn can ride too.

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Yes, I know of him. I think he owns the swiss/european Edelweiss wood flooring company in Telluride. I've seen him carve down the mountain basically flat on his chest the entire way down the mountain....I've never ridden with him....I couldn't keep up anyway, except for perhaps on this new Virus board I just picked up....what size is your SG all mountain board?

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Here is what I found on the snowboard. The specs below are for a 146. Some of the specs on this 160 are located on the board itself--in the pics.

Once again, the best damn race board money can buy. If you wore a helmet before everyone knew they were cool and you wake up extra early to hit the groomers, this board is for you. It comes with the top Rossignol components: full-length DUALTEC®, carbon, Kevlar®, internal and external V.A.S., a 3D Microcell core, and a progressive radius sidecut. These technologies give you Freddy Kruger carvability and super stability at high speed.<TABLE class=bodytext border=0 cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=2 width="100%"><TBODY><TR bgColor=#e8e8e8><TD height=20>Effective Edge </TD><TD height=20>12400

</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e8e8e8><TD height=20>Length </TD><TD height=20>14600

</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e8e8e8><TD height=20>Product Specs </TD><TD height=20>Racing: all discipines, all sizes; Serious Carving. Sizes: 176/168/160/152/146. Construction: Full length Dualtec. Core: 3D Microcell. Shape: alpine. Base: R9000 grade Sintered.

</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e8e8e8><TD height=20></TD><TD height=20>

</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e8e8e8><TD height=20>Side Cut Radius (1) </TD><TD height=20>1200

</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e8e8e8><TD height=20>Tail Width </TD><TD height=20>2180

</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e8e8e8><TD height=20>Tip Width </TD><TD height=20>2210

</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e8e8e8><TD height=20>Waist Width </TD><TD height=20>1750


Hope this helps, Mitch

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Anyone know this indivdual? Mitchell Maslow? I paid him two months ago and still haven't got the board(rossi) . The only time he responds to my emails is when i tell him i am going to post on here and contact paypal. As far as i'm concerned i'm out $135 . Really didn't want to go this route but thought you guys might want to be warned not to buy anything from him. He said he shipped it but for some reason he won't provide a tracking number. Anyway time too contact paypal and see if i can get my money back.

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Sorry people for using this thread to vent but hey it started here. Anyway the seller refunded my money. I guess there was some confusion somewhere so anyway he didn't rip me off and claims he didn't try to rip me off. Lets leave it there and move on.

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