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How much is a board worth?


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The local pawn shop has a '98 (I think) burton alp 5.1. There is plenty of edge material, but I'm going to have to take alot of it down just to get rid of the rust. And it looks like it's never been waxed in it's life. Desperately needs a stonegrind. Anyway, I hate to see a board like that sitting there when it'd be perfect for entry level - see if you like hardbooting on the cheap - type purposes. I was thinking of picking it up and getting it back into rideable condition, then resaling it for not too much. Maybe even donate to a school or something. Anyway, the pricetag on it says $79.99 and I'm not really willing to pay that. I figured I'd tell them $50, take it or leave it. Anyway, I was thinking about picking it up on the way home, so lemme know if it's too much or not enough.

Wasn't there something like a KBB for snowboards website? I forget where that is.

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