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cheap moldable liners for softboots size 9


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Hi all,

I am on a quest for the holy grail. Cheap thermoflexes for my wife. I am trying to get her into hardbooting, but she won't let me spend a lot. So finding thermo's in MP 25 has proven to be pretty hard. But I did find this:


click: cheapsnowboards bargain basement

click: boots and bindings

click: boot liners

Purchase a pair of thermoflex liners for softboots (unfortunately only in size 9) for your non-hardbooting days.

I tried to make them work in my wife's size 25 Burton Winds, and they didn't. They don't have the height to make it out the top of hardboots, so your leg would actually be slamming into plastic throughout the day, OUCH!

I saw these on a telemarking site where people were buying them up by the dozens, literally. Anyway I'll be using them in our softboots for this season. Hope this helps any other softie users.

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I bought 2 pair from them when they were only $9, I put them in my Salomon Synapse boots and they were incredibly painful despite my attempt to use the yyzcanuck.com instructions for baking liners myself, the liners did mold a bit (outers imprinted themselves into the shape) but they were too thick I think (they didn't compact that much) and my feet were squished, especially my toes despite my attempt to use toecaps in the molding process.

For softboots, I ended up getting the ThirtyTwo Forecast boots, which come with INTUITION liners (Raichle licenses the technology from them to make their Thermoflex liners) and the boots are sweet (on par witht Salomon boots, which I had ridden the past three season)

I bought mine at Exit Realworld for $219.

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