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Southern Ontario residents heading to ECES


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I'm hoping that someone heading to ECES may be able to do me a favour. If I can find someone heading to ECES who is willing to help me out, I may be buying a board from a forum member who will be attending ECES.

I was the newbie at the SOS on the short Renntiger and I'm hoping to be able to upgrade to a nice Coiler.

Is there anyone from the GTA heading to ECES that would be willing to bring back a board for me? If you're driving through the Niagara area borders that would be a bonus. Please let me know if anyone is able to help. Thank you.


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Hey Shred,

Thanks for the offer. I'd definitely show my appreciation, to anyone who can help, with a bit of money or a 12 of beer. Hopefully someone from this side of the border will be able to help out. I'm about 45 minutes from Buffalo so it would be a bit of a drive to meet up with you and I'd like to avoid having to cross the border if I can.

I appreciate your generosity and the offer, but will pass for now.

Anyone from around here? Please?

Just noticed your title of "whats GTA" GTA stands for the Greater Toronto Area :)

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