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Help for newb choosing board/boots/binding


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I've been riding about 10 seasons, 25-30 days a year, on a regular board with soft boots. Currently I'm on a 159cm Burton T6 though I've been up to 164 and down to 156. My hills are Ontario hardpack and my style is mostly fast carving... I stay out of the park and pipe. However I always end up cranking my bindings way too tight in search of more stiffness so I figure it's time to try a carving board.

However I have little to no idea what to try. Currently I'm looking at a Prior 4wd, maybe 164cm or 169cm. As to boots and bindings, I have not the faintest idea. Can you guys help me out with a little advice about how to make a smooth transition?

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I have only been at this for a few weeks but maybe I can give you some advice on starting out b/c ...well I just started out.

I was on a T6 before, actually, still love it. I did the same thing with my bindings and boots (cut off circulation ever?). Have you tried putting your binding angles up at all? Before I got a hard setup I was actually at around 42F/39R I think, which helped me transition almost immediately to hardboots.

I would say not to worry about the length of the board as much, on paper it's scary but in real life you go "oh, that's not that bad." Hit up the classified section here and look for used stuff - browse the forums to get an idea of what is softer/harder.

Everyone says boots are really important, and I tend to agree. I am using Raichle SB's (324s?) which I think are a softer boot. Generally the poster will indicate what the equipment is good for, sometimes they don't. Try to find a board based on your weight - most sellers know what weight range their boards were built for, just ask them.

Are you aggressively pursuing this or do you only go once a month or... how is your riding style and where do you think you are with carving? You'd probably want something between 164 and 174? Again, it really depends. If you see something in your price range and it sounds good, ask the seller about it.

I can only speak for TD2 bindings, never tried anything else. They came with a good recommendation and have yet to disappoint, but there are other good ones out there (cateks, f2's?). Depends on your funds.

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Thanks for the reply.

I ride both days every weekend from Christmas to mid March and I would expect to have the carving board out at least half of one of those days.

When I first started boarding I used a forward stance but after doing my CASI qualification I moved to a duck stance (+15 -15) which is how they teach you to ride round here.

So I don't really want to muck around with that as I am really dialled in to that kind of riding on the T6. I'm really looking forward to doing something totally new.

I can carve perfectly on the T6 on a nice groomed blue run but I find myself running out of adhesion long before the guys on the Alpine boards.

Oh yeah and I cut my circulation off all the time.

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Here's a transition idea:

Get some cheaper, flexier bindings, like Burton Race Plates and a pair of used hard boots. Try that at your T6 with the 45ish (or whatever gives you minimal overhang) angles. It will give you a taste of alpine and newly found comfort of feet not being crushed by tight straps. Then, in about a moth, there would be tons of cheap boards to pick and choose.

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