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172 Coiler T-AM


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I'm on the fence about selling this--but I wanted to gauge the interest out there.

2008 Titanal Coiler All-Mountain 172--$525+shipping

(20cm waist, 10.5scr, built for 160lb less aggressive rider)

Great board in nice shape (8 out of 10), never tuned. Has some cosmetic nicks to the sidewalls, but base and edges are great.

I just got the board myself and am amazed by the edgehold. I just don't think the shape and size are ultimately right for me. Would prefer something metal in the 160's, with a shorter nose and an Angrrry little sidecut :eplus2:

Anyway, drop me line if you might be interested and I can provide pictures. The previous owner may want it back, so he would have first dibs. Otherwise, I'll have it at ECES if you want to save shipping costs.

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Composite. Here are pics taken by the previous owner last year. I bought it from him.


The sidewall issues really do look much worse than they are. I smoothed them out a bit with some sandpaper. Just cosmetic. Plus, I installed stomp pads so wayward toe bails won't be smacking into it anymore--which is what caused the blemish in the first place.

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