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Catek alive?


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Hello Community

I have ordered a Catek OS2 binding last week. I love this binding and ordered one 1.5 years ago. When ordering last time it took Catek ages to deliver and answer mails. I figured this would be a one-time experience.

It seems to happen again. Ordered early last week with payment via credit card and 2-3 day-delivery to the US. Order is on status processed, no information and no answer from Catek.

I need this binding and spare parts... What's up Catek?

Thanx for any help.


Edit: Received a mail from Catek tonight stating that they shipped the order. THat makes 7 days processing time. Will update when the binding arrives.

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I have ordered the same bindings 3 years ago. Fast delivery at that time. However I tried to order a Kessler snowboard at Catek this fall. I had a few questions I wanted to ask Catek before ordering the board. They did not answer my 4 emails, 2 telephone calls (message left on their voice mail), 1 fax and 1 letter (traditional mail). So despite my disappointment I decided to forget about Catek. I don't think we can trust a company that act like this.

Fortunately I found a distributor here in Canada and had the opportunity to discuss with him. Finally I ordered an SG Full Race Titan 180 cm with VIST plate. I will post my comments on this board in January.


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