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How to find full length video on nbcolympics.com


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I thought I'd post these notes because the full length video is hard to find on nbcolympics.com.

You will only be able to watch full length video if you are a cable subscriber that has an agreement with NBC (and you will be required to log in with your login and password for your cable provider).


  • Go to nbcolympics.com.
  • Click on 'Video' nav button.
  • Then click on 'Live and Full Replays' in the sub menu.
  • Then scroll down to where it says 'Live Stream and Event Replay Schedule'.
  • Then click on the 'Full-Event Replays' tab right below that.
  • Then pick the day and sport. The day/sport picker doesn't always work right so try it a couple times. The default view only shows a short list even though it says that all days and all sports are selected.
  • Then once you click the 'Full Replay' link you have to enter a login for your cable provider before the video will start.


Watching the full Snowboard Cross replay without the commercials and inane commentary is very nice!

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