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For Sale: Coiler 178T & Volkl Renn Tiger 173


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178 Coiler Metal SOLD (# 178T 07CSF-5-7) 13.2 SCR, Titanal Topsheet, Very Good Condition top & bottom. Well maintained Olympic Tune & Structure, always kept sharp & waxed. $375. + shipping

173 Volkl Renn Tiger SOLD GS, 3D Sidecut, Very Good Condition, Fresh PNC Tune, always kept sharp and waxed. $250. + shipping

Prices are firm. I can deliver to ECES. Post here or email jp08865 at yahoo dot com




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Waist on Coiler measures 20. It was built for a member of the Womens Canadian Race Team, hence the Olympic Tune, so would say made for a lighter rider. It has the Titanal Topsheet (that I hand polished) and always used Polycarbonate Spacers under bindings that I will include with sale if desired.

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Pictures Added

Odd visual (reflection) on nose of Coiler is from Titanal top sheet. board shape is proper.

Different refelction angle from first set of pics to show polished finished.

Other pic is base structure of Coiler



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