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Happiest Lift attendant


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I think the happiest lift attendant works at Mountain Creek. I never got his name but he is always giving the hand punch to EVERY ONE who boards the lift. He ALWAYS has a great big smile on his face and makes me happy every time I see him. You will know who I am talking about once you cross his path.

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wow... that is such a concidence because there is a young guy who works the evening shift at Hidden Valley who does the exact same thing ! everyone gets a hand punch. no exceptions and it goes on all night. if the guy at MC also says "I love this job", after the hand punch, then it might be the same guy !! Given that the resorts are only 2 miles apart it makes me wonder.


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Hey guys, yes that is me giving high fives and such. Yes I did work at Hidden Valley for a year or 2. I started out at creek in 2005 so that is where I really belong... I love being friendly, and it helps me make new friends and I love it. I love working outside to, just makes me so happy! :biggthump

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