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Chris Klug training at Highlands tomorrow.. anyone want to wish him well?

John Gilmour

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I'll be heading up early to give him a best of luck from his hard bootin' breathren..

He will be training on thunderbowl at highlands early tomorrow..

If anyone wants to come with me... I think his course is closed.. I have his wax supplier with me- so I think i can get a bunch of us in. Maybe we can learn something from his efforts.. Besides...I'm sure he would get a kick out of a bunch of us hardbooters wishing him well.

His flight to Vancouver leaves at 2pm.


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Hardboots errr...... I bought last years protos from Fin of the 700T, got some Strolz injected liners in them with cork molded footbeds.

And for total commitment to hardbooting... I bought a Kessler 185 PGS....ahhhhhhh... been on hardboots at SES... but today I took my traditional annual run with Sean Martin, and some Russian start up manufacturer.... in soft boots...

Chatted with Chris Klug today.. to get his "approved tune specs" and watched him take a few turns... very clean... he did not look " jerky fast", just smooth (better)...in my experience the fastest racers are the ones that look smoothest not the "fastest"... I really hope he and Jasey-Jay (a longtime favorite racer of mine to watch as he saves bacon ..incredibly) get on the Podium for a true North American Push.. to challenge the Austrians. Its time to take snowboard racing back to where it started... in North America.

Two nights ago I spec'd a BX 166 for Kessler....ultimately for myself. that will likely be used w/ softies...- though I am looking at ultra light weight hardboots.

That felt awesome.... since I haven't spec'd boards in a long time.

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