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racing on TV?


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anyone know where to find a schedule?

I was hoping to see the next SBX race.

On comcast 250 (NBC sports universal I think), they have been showing pretty much all skiing with some snowboard/winter sports, but havent seen a rerun of the SBX, but they are rerunning FIS ski races 24/7... WTF?

I'm pretty sure even during the olympics GS-SL-BX will get screwed due to lack of support, (even by people here on this very board----Hypocrites!!!)

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awwww you're so sweet.... So how often have you contacted media and asked them to show our sport??

nbc-olympics.com has the whole olympic schedule - varies by cable/sattelite provider so you have to put in your own info.

olympic schedule for theose too lazy to look it up: (times are eastern)

And Divebomber, F*** you and your hypocrite comment. Plenty of people here, myself included , have supported US Snowboarding, in my case probably longer than you've been walking.

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