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Fed Ex was good to me today


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Very nice George!! You like those boards eh?? So did I!! Enjoy it, did you have it built with metal or just the standard construction? Did Chad do any special tweeks??

Gotta love that zipper graphic! What does the text say in front of the 'V'?

Looking forward to seeing you rippin on it at the JPMCS!!

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Aaron: It's just a standard VO sidecarve. I really liked the old proto that I demoed, so since I'm cheap I got the standard one.

This thing has a ton of camber so it should be fun and have more pop than the demo.

The text says "#9022-VO Sidecarve handcrafted in the USA for George S~~~"

Andrea: I'm going to try to get a better picture to post on the board porn thread.

Loc: I just may make it up to June or Mammoth to try it in powder next week.

Albert: you can demo mine at JPCMS!

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Hi Loc

I rode it Sunday at MH east and it worked great, really railed turns, even on the steeper stuff.

The 1st time I rode it I had the bindings more forward from the prototype I demoed and it didn't work as well. I moved the rear binding just in front of the top of the V and the front set at my stance width and I adjusted the cable for a slightly softer tail and now it just ROCKS:cool:

Snow conditions were good with some harder spots but mostly real carvable.

I also rode the Kessler:1luvu:, I think I set a personal speed record on it Sunday!:lol:

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