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Booster Straps And Foot Pain (An Odd Story)


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I finally got on-snow this past week and it has been great to be sliding again. When I was packing my bag this morning, I couldn't find one of my Booster straps. Normally, the straps are threaded through my Raichle 123's top strap holders. Hmmmph, I wonder where it is? Oh well, no time to look because my ride is leaving and I've got to go NOW.

When I got to the lodge at our ski area, I put on my boots and I noticed some foot pain in my right boot, the same one that was missing the Booster strap. I re-tightened the buckles on the boot and the pain seemed to subside. It was a very soft powder day and so I didn't have much more foot pain as I rode; no more than I had in the lodge. I just figured it (the pain) was due to being back on snow and getting my leg and foot muscles used to riding again. Fast forward to this afternoon in my basement:

I take out my liners to let them dry overnight and when I take out my right liner, there in the sole of the boot is my missing Booster strap. I had been riding with the strap underneath my liner. I'm guessing this is NOT how Booster straps were designed to be used. The missing strap seems to have been the cause of my earlier foot pain. The buckle was sitting right where the arch of my foot would have been. My feet have high arches/insteps and it must have been enough to not have known that the strap was in my boot.

I'm still shaking my head at my ineptness. How could I have ridden 3.5 hours and not figured out that my foot pain wasn't coming from out of shape foot muscles? I'm embarrassed and smirking at myself, too.


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