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WTT: Step in Bombers for standard


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I have two pair of Trench Diggers, a TD1 and TD2. Both are step-in. I'd like to trade one of them for standard bails.

The TD1 has 3 degree discs and purple bumpers and has been used two seasons. The heels still hold solid.

The TD2 is 0 degree front and back with yellow rings. Used one season.

When I say "season", I am using that term generously because I typically ride 10 days a year.

Looking for even trade - TD1 for TD1 or TD2 for TD2. The canting I would like to get back is 0 for either.

Let me know if you'd like to deal.


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I will trade you a set of td1 Standard bails for intec stepin bails. Why dont we just swap the parts and keep our own disks and base pieces. Email me jmcgrane @ comcast . net (remove spaces)

also I have an extra "0" disk I could trade for one of you "3"s


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Rethinking quiver... have many bingings FS

NIB Burton Raceplates complete '01 & '02 $ 120.00 ea.

SnowPro Stepins w/heels, 2 pair $ 80.00 ea.

Snowpro Race New Cond. 6mm bails $75.00

Bomber TD1 std 3 pair you choose disc/bumper combos

all in xlnt shape, all sprung bails $125.00 to $150.00

colors: copper anodized, clear anodized and blue

anodized plates

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Shipped USA $ 10.00

Do you really need to see a picture?


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