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How Swoard behaves


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boogiman wrote

Did anyone ever try a swoard and are they verry different to other boards or is it just the style they have that allows them to go as low as they go (jaques rillet and patrice frivet)?

hans wrote

Yes, I own a SWOARD, a 168 Hard number 0067.

At first the SWOARD is made for extremecarving. And yes with not so much technique like me you can easily lay down some nice carves at low and fast speeds in steep or less steep terrain in a few houres time. Just do this with the recommended push and pull technique as described at www.swoard.com. The SWOARD is just a board which is in a nichemarket of snowboarding. You like it a lot, or you don't like extremecarving at all. Besides extremecarving, the board can handle a lot more versatile terrain, like bumps, soft snow and hardpack for example. There are other boards which are better in soft snow, there are other boards which are better suitable for bumps, but hey, this board can do all things good, and extremecarving at the best. I find the push and pull technique in combination with laying down carves the nicest carvy thing to do and to see. But that's all personal of course. Every one do his own thing and is enjoying oneselves in this (snowboarding)world.

Greets, Hans.

I think it is part of board and part of technic.

One can ride as low on any board but doing such linked turns on such "low" level might be quite hard in any other board.

My Swoard is still unused :( but i've been riding on few Swoards earlier so i know what to expect.

Biggest difference for me is to get used to angles so freaking low cause i'm used to angels above 60+ but grip of board feels to be nice specially at end portion of turn

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