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Coming to BEND, need cheap place to stay


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OK...well...for a variety of reasons it looks like Bend/Bachelor are the choices for this season. Seems to be plenty of affordable housing up there, the hill is close (altho the passes are kinda pricey) and the season is nice and long

SO...anyone from that area have suggestions where to stay while looking for a place? Probably need a week or so...

just me and my girlfriend. hopin my cousin will come for the final move...

any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey, you need to look up Doug Dryer when you are there. I bet he may have some infor for you on housing as well. Super cool guy and a great carve-ambassador as well. From what I can tell he is the man when it comes to plates at Bachelor.

Drop me an e-mail and I'll get you his contact info.

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I tried to email him through here...but got no response

there's also a cat named Jack..forgot his last name...sold me a Coiler AM177 last year...aussie roots....fckin great guy, but I lost all his contact info.

thanks fin for the response. Maybe Doug will see this and contact me. I dont want to hassle anyone.

bachelor looks like a fun hill, altho it looks a bit lacking in features. I like the long season Idea tho!

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Guest Randy S.

The last place I saw Doug Dryer was in the Deschutes Brew Pub! :D :cool:

I emailed you Doug's contact info so you should have it.

Also, when you get up there, try to look up Lynn Ott. She lives in Bend and is an awesome carver. A few years on the WC team will do that to you. :p

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Originally posted by Enzo

I can't help you with your housing situation, but I would recommend spending ALL of your time at the Deschutes Brew Pub. :D


well...I'll have to find a pool hall with regulation tables...hopefully there is one...if so thats where my free time will be spent:)

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