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damp side walls


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I stopped in a local snowboard shop to get a stomp pad (trying to find one not a burton) when one of the salesmen shows me a new board that they have called Infinity snowboards (made in Japan) that has stripes in the sidewall from the rubber sheets in between the ABS...along with a nice demo thingamadoodle showing the flexiblity in the edge as it flexes away from the base...the salesman explained in his best engrish that its for riding rails and such...thankfully most japanese snow is well groomed because I can't imagine trying to keep an edge on one of these in poor conditions.

On a seperate note I didn't find a single board made in Japan that had a cap topsheet/sidewall unlike every import (read american companies)...interesting that though exactly what that says for the big snowboard industry I don't know other than money beasts a good product I guess

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