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Raichle Deeluxe Indy refinements/modifications


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I've got the Deeluxe Indy and have and extremelty low volume foot and an even lower volume leg. The top two straps only come in one size and I'm wondering if anyone has modified theirs in some way to shorten those straps to provide a more snug fit without creating pinch points? I've got a booster strap that I'm going to use, but wondering if there are other alternatives?

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Well, I think you wold be hard pressed to find someone who has skinnier feet/ankles/calves then I! Super low volume. However, the key to this is to run the ThermoFlex liner. This is the only liner that does not allow my foot to float around and really locks onto the ankle.

I currently run the Indy boot with the Thermo and have no issues with the stock straps/buckles that they come with. No pinch points or modifiying needed.

I do remember the days (before the Thermo Liner) when I would have to modify the crap out of my liners to make them hold my foot in and down. No more, with Thermo Liners, just mold them and go ride.

Also, make sure you get the correct size boot. We see ALL the time, boots that are too big and cause the rider all kinds of issues.

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