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Guest johann

My buddy Jake used to do really sick tunes, where ever he worked.

It just took awhile to get him to tune my boards. Unless I was hanging out with him in the shop.

Who can argue with free tunes?

My buddy Seth used to do really sick tunes also, but he moved on to construction. D'oh!

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Good to see your post, even though it doesn't come close to making sense beyond the "One time, at band camp..." category.

I read some of the stuff you wrote on your blog, and they were hilarious rants.

Try to step up the quality of the BOL posts, slacker.

Let's try to meet up ride Windham or something (Whiteface or Gore?) this season! Does Seth still live near Lake Placid?


PS - You opened yourself up for the public abuse because the you blocked receiving e-mail through your profile.

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Guest johann

Hey man!

Long time no hear! I am totally up for a trip to the face or gore or even winham. That is if I can get my bindings back from jake before he goes to texas. The crazy kid decided to go into welding, and gave away all his boards, well my bindings were on one of his boards. heh heh.

You also do not let yourself recieve emails through the board. so there!

Sorry about my taciturn meandering bomber posts, my brain was a little mucked up. I've actually been doing some work at work, not sure it suits me!

Are you still mtn biking? I"m down for a mtn biking trip.

Headed over to mtn creek on saturday, if you are up for some downhill action. If not, we'll have to pick a weekend to tear up some mud, that is assuming that i stop hitting trees and wrecking my shoulders.

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