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Does anyone have any information on speedboarding?

I've read that Aussie Darren Powell holds the current world speed record, set in 1999 in Les Arcs, at over 200 kph on a custom-built Cuccoon board.

Can anyone point me to a good resource to learn more about this high-speed fringe of the sport?

Anyone participated in a speed event?

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Guest Randy S.

If you find a place we can go to do it, let me know. My friend Dave Vaille goes speed skiing every year in France. Mostly in Vars and Les Arcs. He has all the ski gear (yes, he's a carver too). 240cm skis, rubber suit, dickhead helmet. He's gone 200K on skis.

I have a 210 that I've run at high speed. The fastest I've been clocked is 69 though. We did a speed run between SG practice runs last season. You really need a closed run and a good smooth groomer. I have a radar gun too. If you get out to Tahoe, we can play around if the conditions are right. At 69, my board was getting pretty squirrely. I'm pretty sure I could get it up to 80 though.

Oh, they ran a KL (that's the abbreviation for Kilometre Lancee - speed skiing) at Sun Peaks in BC last year. However, they wouldn't allow boarders - I tried to convince them. They said the runout was too dangerous for boards.

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There's a speed event at Hunter Mtn, NY every year open to skis, boards, bikes, sleds, shovels or anything else you'd want to ride down the hill. It's a great time because the people are all there for the thrill and the fun. Practice runs on Saturday are almost as much fun as the race on Sunday.

The hill they use isn't anything scary or spectacular for safety reasons, but snowboarders reach speeds in the upper 60's, and some guys did over 70mph last year. (I think CMC was there and did pretty well on a 230cm board) There should be info about Speed Weekend on the Hunter Mtn web site, www.huntermtn.com .

The hardest thing about the race is riding a flat board. No turns are allowed in the course, so it's a lot different than normal riding. I did about 66mph in the '03 race (on a Coiler 196), and would have felt a lot safer up on an edge.

I'd guess that the really sick guys that ride Les Arcs are using a board with a relatively straight sidecut and a lot of taper to track better when riding a flat base?

If there was a course set up on a closed run that would allow you to just ride fast, and be a bit on edge, I think I'd be more comfortable and more stable at a higher speed.

Speed is your friend!


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