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Using multiple user names and the rules


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Recently we have had several forum users find it “entertaining” to register multiple user names for the sole purpose of posting threads with malicious intent. And to take it even farther they falsely post as an existing user in an effort to discredit their name. Here at Bomber we only have this to say:

Grow up.

Really, guys, get a life. If you want to behave like a 12 year olds fine, just not here. Since the birth of this forum we have tried to let it govern itself and allow members as much freedom of speech as possible. However, this type of behavior is immature and not tolerated. We would hate to enable “e-mail verification registration” but that is where we are headed, and you have these few guys to thank.

So for the record, you are only allowed to register one user name and you are not allowed to register with the intent to falsely impersonate someone. This should be basic knowledge, but apparently some people still need a refresher on this. Doing so will result in being warned, banned for a period of time, or banned indefinitely.

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