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I have started collecting ski bum food recipes for those classic ski bum meals. Ya know, the kind that you could probably make with just condiments or ramen noodles + random things to make it look like you arent really eating ramen noodles? Anybody know any good ones?

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Lunch Line Tomato Soup

3 packets of ketchup (or catsup) ..preferably fancy.

1 cup hot water

Add ketchup to water. stir. enjoy.

Hand Made Lettuce Casserole

2 large leaf of lettuce

1 pack ketchup (or catsup)

1 tomato slice

1 pack Mayonaise

1 handfull of chopped lettuce

1 pack of Saltine crackers

Place one large leaf in hand in a bowl shape, add chopped lettuce (you can shred another large leaf with your hands for chopped effect) Place tomato on lettuce. Crumble saltine over tomato. Lightly drizzle with ketchup and mayonaise for dressing and VIOLE! a tiny little salad right there in your hand.

Important Note: Do not attempt to make more than one caserole at a time unless you have more than 2 hands as you will need at least one free hand.

Tobasco Sandwich

As many packs of saltines as you are allowed to grab

1 Bottle Tobasco Sauce

2 Packs Sweet Relish

Generously apply dashes of tobasco sauce to saltine cracker. Squeeze Sweet Relish on same cracker. Place saltine cracker on top of sweet relish and enjoy your teeny tiny spicy sandwich.

Note: This recipe goes great with the Lunch Line Tomato Soup.

Pahk 'n' Beans

1 Package Ramen Noodles

1 can Pork 'n Beans

Prepare Ramen Noodles (flavor doesn't matter..they all taste the same anyway.) . Drain Water. Stir in can of Pork 'n Beans. Heat if desired. For extra flavor, gently sprinkle ramen seasoning packet onto mixture. Serves 2.

Note: this recepie was named after the Vail Colorado Ski patroller featured in Warren Miller's Snowriders II. He had a heavy east coast accent and was preparing the glorious "Pahk 'n' Beans"

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Guest Ghostrider
Originally posted by Tommy D

Sounds like you need to get out and do some more longboarding on that shiny new Insect! :D

I'd agree...so I think I'll go riding now :D :D

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