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Who is this guy?!

Guest Ghostrider

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That is the famous Marco Olm, the Brazilian Carving Machine! I met him here in Summit County 12 years ago and he is by far one of the best free-carvers I know. He does stuff on a carve board you would not believe.

Works in Aspen now and teaches at Snowmass. Take a lesson from him and you will jump 2 levels in your skills.

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Guest Ghostrider

Awesome! I'll definately have to look him up and set up a lesson next season!

That would be fun...that pic has been my desktop background and my motivation to go ride since my first visit to bomberonline.com when my interest of carving first sparked up...That was about 3 years ago!! wow!

Thanks for the info fin!

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Marco Olm can be reached through Aspen Snowmass ski/snowboard teaching system since he is a Aspen certified snowboard instructor.

His Aspen mobile phone is 970 - 309 1350

his email is marcolm@hotmail.com but he seems to rarely use it.

As for now he is in Brazil until winter comes back so you are not likely to find him now!

He is indeed incredible and does tail spins, jumps etc on any race board!

Plus he is super nice!


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