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OT: Paintballing

Speed Demon

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Does anyone in here paintball? If so what kind of set up you have with your gun?

My Setup :

-Piranha EXT Pro 2k3

-3A 16" Knockout Barrel

-Freak System with 14" Teardrop

-3A 68cu 4500psi HPA Tank

-Richochet AK Electronic Hopper

-JT nVader goggles

It's not much right now but Im looking to get a new Bob Long Torpedo Regulator with a new Teflon Delrin Bolt, maybe a new grip, and a microline kit, and maybe a nicer hopper...:D

My 3A 16" will sell if the price is right that MAY apply for the Freak Front, Back and Insert...I really like the Carbon Fiber Stiffi barrels

E-mail me with questions for those who paintball or anything of that nature



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my god you would aniliate [spelling?] me on the feild, do you know of the amatuer team called the Naughty Dogs? Well my friends, sisters boyfriend...i know its long..... played for them and hes got like an STO Autococker my friend knows it all and ish and yah hes good, he used to play "rec ball" with dynasty down in oregon every weekend for practice as a team. my friends and i are sposed to go ballin with him soon.


red head Cams

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Nice. The Naughty Dogs are great, but my favorite is still Strange. I've actually only played rec ball a few times, I thrive in Tourneys, its where I started. Its still kinda early to be pulling the gear out here, but once it warms up again, my friends and I are gonna have some good dirty fun.



Chrysler voyager history

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Okay usually when i tell someone where i live, they're like, "Oh you play paintball?" it's about the most retarded question ever but with any paintballer i never fail to hear it, and no i don't play at all, i just live like 3 minutes from Hell Servivor or somethin like that, and if you're into paintball and you live in the midwest, you should have heard of the place...

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