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SKI Mag, Carving and Slalom Waterskiing


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This is not OT. You gotta see the June/July 2004 issue of SKI Magazine.

On page 102 there is an article about the #1 ranked pro slalom waterskier Jamie Beauchesne. There is a nice picture of him on a toeside carve, on one ski of course. He says he snow skis 120 days a year.

Here is some of the dialog:

"New- school slalom watersking technique parallels the technique of alpine ski racing"

"In this photo, I'm at the point in the turn that most simulates snowskiing. I've got equal pressure on both feet, and I have a quiet upper body. My eyes are looking down the slalom course, not across it. My hips and knees are angulating. I patiently finish the turn by tipping the ski on edge allowing it to carve underneath me"

"Everything a snow skier thinks about is what I try to do while waterskiing" [sure, like, which ski is the downhill ski? Oops, I'm only one ski this season!! Or, Oh ****!, where did my other ski go?]

To stay "ski-tough" practice tipping your waterski on edge and allowing your legs to move side to side underneath your quiet upper body. Cut across the wake of your boat and imagine your legs swinging like a pendulum underneath you. Try to feel your edges. [To practice on waterskis to snow ski better, try using two waterskis, not one!!]

If he thinks he performs better on a slalom waterski by training on two skis in the winter, just think how much better he would perform by training on an Alpine Snowboard.!!!

I plan to write a "letter to the editor" of SKI Magazine and think you should, too. liftlines@skimag.com You must include your full name, address and daytime phone #.

Does anybody know this guy and where he snow skis? We need to turn him onto Alpine Snowboarding.

Had Brick

P.S. Why is waterskiing one word and snow skiing two words?

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Being an capable slalom water skier(personal best 6 @ 35 off), a ex-snow ski racer and a pretty capable carver I thought that article was way off in left field. There are so many things that are diffrent slalom skiing vs. snow skiing. Body position is by far the biggest thing.

Water skiing your shoulders need to be back, hips need to be forward and knees slighlty bent. Break at the waist, shoulders move forward, next thing is bad bad things happen to you.

Snow skiing, shoulders forward, break at the waist, and knees slightly bent. Upper torso facing down the fall line.

Let your legs swing like pendulums under you, is about the only thing that I see that is similar.

Ins snow sking there is no pull from the boat at 36 mph, my back never hurts snow skiing, put me on a slalom course, behind a boat and I'm only good for a few short line passes.

Oh well, I will send an email to the editor now.

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Originally posted by oldvolvosrule

Being an capable slalom water skier(personal best 6 @ 35 off), a ex-snow ski racer and a pretty capable carver I thought that article was way off in left field.

Hmmm, maybe so, but Jamie's #1 pro-ranking would indicate that left-field is exactly where the sport should be going. I've heard he's single-handedly revolutionizing the sport by bringing ski technique into it.

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