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Guest johann

Anyone in here get any gmail invites?

Wow I guess thats really off topic eh?

Anyone get their new madd's yet(maybe that'll give this the right flavor)

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I work at IBM. When I lived in Wapp Falls, I would go mt biking up near Millbrook, at the '404' ( think that's what it is called ), just off the Taconic.

Now I'm living in Newtown, CT. I bought a house there and I haven't been on my bike as often as I would like. I need to find a place to ride (Mebby even the 404?) that is more or less along my route home. Do you have any suggestions? Brewster, Pawling, perhaps?

My bike is a bit old and beat down, but she holds together well and hasn't failed me yet! Time to get back on her before I get old and beat down! :D

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Guest johann


tereford hartford taconic 909 acres multi use area. I havn't been there yet this year but its a good spot. another that is close to poughkeepsie ibm, not so much for fishkill is vassar farms. we do monday riders there at 530 pretty consistantly.

a place on the way home for you might be ninham down near carmel, its actually across the street from fahnstock. I know some friends that live in hartford and they know some trails over in that area.

ninham is really tough. its very technical and a huge area to ride around on. i went once with a friend without a guide and was lost back there for about 5 hours. another time i was with a guide and we only rode on one side of the street and we didnt' hit the same trail twice and we rode for 4 hours.

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