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WTB: Donek Axis or Prior 4x4

Guest flashfingers

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This is the copy of my add a few weeks ago!

For sale: Prior 4x4 169!

Ideal board to start at least it was for me!

Great condition: Fresh coat of wax, only minor lift line cosmetic scratches, get it for $400 + shipping.

I paid $600 with taxes in January (copy of the bill available) and rode it 10 days only. When I started I had a very tough time getting used to my boots. So I did only half a day for the first 4 sessions. After that, I only started to carve on session #5 and up. Well, toeside carving and heelside lets talk about something else. I eventually got some very good advice and started to link carve turns on both side. Then I realized that the board was not optimal for the kind of snow we get most of the time (East coast powder...).

My weight is another issue. In a nutshell, for hard packed to icy slopes and with my big butt, a custom board would be better for me. I want to keep my quiver to a minimum. I will order a board from Coiler that suit my objectives better. Then the only thing missing to leave some groove will be time on the slopes

I hope this gives you all the information you need!

Thanks, Francois

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