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Ski Hill closing-I need your help


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I need your help! Our local ski is being bullied by the local jerk offs in office and the mayor. I'm not just someone try to invade your forum page for free help, I actually ride hard plate and for those of you who know Snowman from Grand Lake we grew up carving together back home in Wisconsin and we are close personal friends. Here's the story. 7 years ago I moved to St. Louis for a job. They have a hill there I have gotten closely attached to. Kent Smith from Buck Hill has even been there riding last season. I am attempting to introduce hard plates there. So far just 3 of us. Well anyways we submitted to the township for new developement plans on our property that we have had for 26 years and the city of Wildwood Mo countered us with a green space fee of $1.66 per square inch of what we want to develope which is 1.75 acres. This green space fee or tax translates to roughly $252,000 and changing our hours of business. Changing our hours means no blowing snow between the hours of 10 pm to 6 am which happens to be our coldest and only time to blow snow. Up until we went to the planning and zoning commitee we had been grandfather in to allow us opperate during these hours. Major extortion! Losing our grandfathered ways kills our business. We are going up against the City monday sept 22. Please sign our petition savehv.com and comment that Hans sent you! Please help me so I don't lose my snowboarding hill.



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I signed on for the cause...

I got a chance to mingle with one of the coaches from the HV Race Team while gate keeping at a USSA Ski Race a few years ago... He was a real nice guy, and he made it seem like y'all had a good program going despite having to travel eleventy billion miles for any relevent USSA/FIS race...

Keep us informed on your deal....

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Thanks alot everyone for your support in signing the petition to help keep our ski hill open. Tonight was the town council meeting with the city of Wildwood with the next planning and zoning meeting scheduled for mid october. The public turn out in support was great. And hearing the support that my friends from bomberonline gave and where you all are from was and awesome feeling. Park City, Steamboat, Marquette, and Ontario Canada to say a few. THANKS! I will keep you all posted.

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This is crazy.

News to me...just made a few phone calls (break)

It WILL be open this year (2008-2009), next year is still in doubt. So....the leading news anchor in STL and I will be having lesson sometime this winter (played hockey with his son, RIP).

Hidden Valley is a real gem. Aside from hosting a USSA JR Team, it hosts hundred of schools each year. IMO, this is the real value add..esp for the city of STL.

IMO, several things need to happen with Hidden Valley.

1) Create a tubing hill

2) Offer a XC ski trail

3) Build an outdoor ice rink

4) Have a fire pit with marshmellows outside

5) Sleigh rides

6) Offer Snowmobile rides

7) Have more big air contests

8) Get a new owner

9) Create a STL ski club

10) More events

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