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Who did ever try these hardboots?


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Guest jeffnstefanie

Has a pair of Strolz ski boot and it is his opinion that they are the finest ski boots in the world !

I think that they cost a few bucks more as the liners are custom made for you foot. I was not aware that they made boots for plates. Since that is the case when I find myself in Lech with an extra Grand in my pocket I am definitely going to pick up a pair.

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I just found a shop who are selling them in the Netherlands. www.austriasport.nl

I just ordered a pair. The outerboot as the innerboot will be all custommade to your feet. They first measure your feet. They also make custommade footbeds in it. The innerboot is of full handmade leather. The garanty is five years! They also garanty a proper fit otherwise you can give them back.

These boots have been developed for alpineboarding and skiing. This design is two years old. They are softer than skiboots.

The Dinsole is short. You can have three types of outershells.

You can choose from three types of rubber suspension in the boot. The innershell will be formed to your feet when you are standing in it. They are fitted with some stuff that is getting into the boots under a pressure of 2 bar. After that it will take 12 houres and then they are ready.

I can't wait to try them. They told me that your riding will be more direct with these boots because of their precise fit.

Keep you posted when I got them.

Greets, Hans.

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