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I'm Baaack!!! Gene the Chef


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Hey Guys !!

Gene = T-Bohn

I got lost this year. One day on snow.. Way to much work at the restaurant this year and I started teaching as well. Three jobs 7 days a week of work yuck!!!

So I get this Madd e-mail which makes me come and check out the site again.

It is ALL new and now I am reading threads like crazy and I have a stomach ache.... it seems that I have missed a cut off date to order a Madd, like the old ones that John made and CMC loves but never let me ride. Tell me I have not missed the boat because I didn't check in here in like a year!! I promise to keep reading threads and get up to speed but if you type in Madd there is a lot to read.

So me...

health: getting better from the car accident with the drunk lady she is actually out jail at this point. All i have is a sore body now. lungs are good.

for the new ones I got hit by a lady in a mini van that ran a stop sign.. at night with no headlights... in the rain. I got beat up bad this was a while ago

Snow boarding: One day 'nuff said

Motorcycle: the Ducati is finally fixed I think ( 1992 851 ) bad crank triger that BCM replaced in NH, something Motofixx could not do in 15 visits over like three years so it is running well but has not come out yet this year to play. Soon...

Restaurant: It moved, got bigger and I worked more sorry could not feed the group at eces.

For the new ones I try to cook and bring stuff when I head up to stratton any one that is around eats with me, pasta of a sort usually

Got a job teaching at the local cooking which may be my carreer job soon if they ask in Sept. More money, more time off, more snow board and toys = A good thing

So check in with me and spell out what is happening with YOU and the new Madds

Big Turns!!!! T-Bohn

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