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What's with bomber's claim that Thermoflexes are uncomfortable before molding?


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I just got my Susukas, size 29. According to the shell size fit, (bottom shell 29-30.5, upper shell 28-30.5) I can get two fingers in without much of a problem, but cannot get three in. Are these too big?

Do thermoflex liners (size 29) end up being smaller after being molded (sole length)? As is, they are, indeed, comfortable, unmolded. And they appear to be the correct size. Even if they weren't moldable (which from what I gather is a truly wonderful thing), they'd be acceptable for comfort (or, at least, I think they would be, according to how they fit my foot).

So if they're comfortable before molding, is it that they shrink and indeed I need the size 28s? So if they're the right size they should feel uncomfortable? If they will shrink during molding, enough so that ones that are the correct size now become too small?

Any advice/help would be appreciated.


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With the "shell test" your final goal is to get between 1 and 2 fingers in that gap in back. If you can get MORE then two fingers back there (say 2.5 fingers) then you need to go one shell down in size. Because then that will make the 2.5 fingers go to about 1.5 finger which now fits the rule of "1 to 2 fingers". Make sense?

The issue with the Thermo liners un- molded is that 9 out of 10 times they will not be the same shape as your foot and thus you will feel discomfort. The majority of people who try to ride them un-molded complain of discomfort but then mold them and they work great. There is always the possibility that your foot fits that shape and you are good to go. And that might be a give a way that the boots are a bit too big is if they feel OK un-molded.

However, considering that they are moldable and you paid for that option I would mold them as it makes them feel like bunny slippers :D

Give myself or Michelle a call at 1-800-277-2037 and we can help you out more determining if those are the correct size.

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