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Anyone going to be riding mostly weedays this year? I live in Denver, and will usually be driving up to summit co (staying in breck, willing to ski other suco resorts) on Mondays and driving home on Wednesday or Thursday, with a stop at Loveland on the way home. Untill the season really gets going, half-days at Loveland will happen frequently too.

I'm happy to share rides if we can get our schedules to work out. Who's out there?


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Most of us from Loveland only get to ride on the weekends. There are some others from the metro area who ride on the weekdays. Divebomber often does and probably has the 5 mtn pass. Oldacura may get some weekday riding in also and possibly PCDenver.

Your best bet is to post here when you're going and see what happens. Also ride with better riders so that you can improve quickly. The lovey crew is always willing to help out others.

Aloha, Ink

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Yes I ride strictly during the week, its a rare occasion that I do the weekend, I guess just to remind myself exactly why I don't ride on the weekend. :smashfrea

I think Im going to be doing copper this year, since they have the race series there, and I havent ridden copper in 2 years. Plus I've found other than loveland, Copper is the closest time wise.

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