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Possible Junior Race(s) at RTTC


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Lots of details still missing, but there is a movement under foot with Abbi Nyberg with USSA to have a race for those younger riders that are not "FIS legal" at the upcoming RTTCs. In addition, there may also be a seperate podium and/or a seperate race for FIS juniors (15 - 19). As many of you know, there is not much of a development program in the US for up and coming racers (USSA sponsored) - this would allow a step between USASA regional races and the more intimidating FIS races.

We're hoping to push the idea over the goal line with some feedback for Abbi. Please respond back if you are a coach with riders in these two age groups - would your riders attend if these race(s) were officially announced? Are you a parent of a rider or maybe a rider yourself that falls into one of these two groups? Would you attend?

Thoughts on the subject?

This message was placed for Jessica Zalusky with USASA.

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A separate podium for FIS juniors would be a positive step. A separate race would raise a number of questions. For example, RTTC acts as a qualifier for Project Gold and some international events. Also, it's good experience for the juniors to race against the broader field.

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The problem is that having a separate junior race in the same time as a Noram race make thing almost impossible to chase FIS points and rankings among Junior.

2 scenarios:

- Have a race set a different day, maybe the afternoon before to have all the junior race against each other and establish a ranking. This would validate all the race structure ( timing etc. ) but make an extra day for the organisor.

- Have a combined regular race and after qualifications, take the best 8 junior outside the overall top 16 and make finals and podium with those 8. This would give race mileage for the junior. But make it tough for the organisor as this will make a long afternoon.

If you do a separate race the same day, I will go for the official Noram that give me FIS points...

My though


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Well that is a good idea. But, my opinion for me atleast the whole reason I do Race To The Cup is to compete against a broader field. In the past it has been set up so that the junior riders who place the highest at a RTTC are usually invited to attend some summer training and then invited to junior worlds. Competing against some of the Pro's and amateuars at RTTC is the whole point of competing because its the next step after USASA and High School racing. I enjoy racing against the Broader field because as a younger racer it makes me better and faster from run to run if I'm racing someone who is better than me. That is why you see a lot of juniors shine at RTTC's because there racing on a whole nother playing field were they arent the best rider. Not even close! but because they are racing with other serious riders that are probably better then them they in turn get better and faster. I know I would rather stick to the FIS points.

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.....the few messages here make that clear. Hence the thought that maybe there would be a seperate podium for the juniors. A seperate race for juniors was the least likley event. The real desire was to create a venue for those riders that can not race RTTC (those under 15). Though nothing has been posted yet, that is the most likely occurence.

More to come.........

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"We have added a Junior event to the Copper Race to the Cup, details below. As many of you know, Copper is very busy this time of year and we are presed to finish the race by noon each day, therefore we had to limit the number of junior athletes to 20. Copper has been very generous to offer this junior race, please take the time to thank Paul Krahulec and Jeff White for making this possible. "

- Open to ages 13 -14

- Must have a current USSA membership (national or regional)

- Event is limited to othe first 20 riders (men and women combined)

- Registration will open online Monday November 5 10:00am MST


Abbi Nyberg

US Snowboarding Program Manager

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