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Oxygen KR series boards?

Guest Jagger

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I have one too, its a KR 159 Asym board, with Morrow or Mistral ?Bindings. I have no clue what kind of board it is. I have not been on it yet, it was given to me from the left overs at the ski swap. I was hoping to give it a tune and let my short friend try it out to get the feel of hard boots.

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Hey Maciek,

well pretty busy with Swoard after the return from the SES :)

am also doing an architecture competition that is time demanding !...

New movie will be up tomorrow : Its a small 4 min clip showing the slopes of the ECS we had in Zinal end of January. Am editing a long version with every single turn that took place there almost; it will be online later on, on a P2P network such as bitstreams because otherwise our server will explode! ( we are already eating up as much as 130 gb bandwith a month ( almost a small porn site hehe)..)

Hope you guys have fun at the ECES, Fin should bring there three Swoards for test there too, one of each 175's ( soft, medium, hard flex) so basically anyone over 175cm tall and from weight 70 kilos to 100 will be able to try! (just make sure you guys reduce your angles as much as u can, and ride flat!)

New gallery will be also up tomorrow thursday :)!


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Guest Jagger

Thanks for the replies guys. I ended up going with a newer proton 178 anyways though the graphics on the kr were pretty cool. Nils is Karine Ruby a woman or a man?

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