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Seven Springs Saturday the 28th

Mellow Yellow

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Mel, ja, fine ally a gute avitar,! bout time!

Any vay I just jet back toommorrow Sat so no go for me need da shlafen! been in phoenix fur da 12 days tank god its been cold for dem but hot for me, bout 60 degrees american. too da bad you not at ECES its a ride of da life time! hear I almost got tan, ouch it was hot for me. but still pasty white! could not find a margarita big enough to satisfy Shred, always to tiny! need fish tank size margarita!

Have yuou some da fun on sunday! :( tink snow! ok

Oh yea, I missed alot of treads on bom ber so to abrev ia ate, F2 rules, um boobs are good!, sidecut make it big, and uhhh...I forget.

talk to ya guys later. ECES very close looking fowards so I hope cold should be, war, come in den get cold again looks like.

miss ya, hate verk! glad to play again!

right said shred!

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