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FAST vs Intec

Guest Jagger

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Guest Randy S.


Its all about the bindings. Do you want to buy bindings that have intec receptors (F2, Bomber, Catek, Raichle, etc.) or FAST heels (SnowPro)?

Frankly I think the idea of putting the mechanism on the binding, instead of inside the boot heel makes more sense. However, Intec has become something of a standard so we're kind of stuck with it. You'll find some threads here on bomber discussing the drawbacks to having Intecs, but for the most part I think they work great.

BTW, if you buy UPS boots, they'll come with FAST heels built-in. That may make an economic argument for you.

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Randy I was looking for more of a performance stand point. However the fact that only one company is using FAST reminds me of Apple vs Microsoft type deal FAST may be better but everything is made to work with intec.

Steve good point that is the kind of consideration I am looking for.


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Seems easier to me to get a new heels/cables from Bomber if something breaks then to get a new binding part from the manufacterer that make the fast bindings. Plus the Intec system has a much lower profile then the FAST.

Plus, I don't see that the Intec is not any worse then the FAST just seems like two things that do the same thing in reverse.

I have the Intec heels on the TDs and they work great.

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I have 2 pairs of F2's with Intec's and the thing that seemed to make sense to me was the simplicity of the Intec set-up over the FAST. Unless the heel on a boot set-up for FAST bindings was made out of metal, it seemed less durable as well (slop that would occur over time/usage). The FAST system seemed bulky looking too, and as mentioned above the availability of parts was a concern. Dan Yoja's a good guy, but in the end the product I chose was the one that seemed easier to maintain......FWIW,

Good carving,


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Originally posted by Kent

I have em all....and ride em all.......

Bomber SI I - Intec

SnowPro FAST



The short answer is buy yourself some nice non-steps ins and enjoy.....

If you want the long answer, email me.

I can't email you through your profile.


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