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Anybody ride an sl board regularly in the 150-160 size range? How do they ride in comparison to larger GS boards? Are they beter on crowded slopes as far as being more nimble to pick around skid turning skiers? last do you alter your carving style noticeably compared to riding a larger radius board?


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I ride a 158 RT SL, and a 163 RT SL. The 163 is newer, and has the 3D sidecut.

The 158 is by far more nimble, and has a lot of snap edge-edge. It is also easier to kick out the tail and hop-turn in those super-tight situations.

The 163 is a lot more stable especially at speed, and holds a much nicer carve.

I would say that both are good on crowded slopes, but the 158 is better for those super-New England-crowded days, if only because I need to keep the speed down to maintain stability.

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