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Need suggestions for my next board.


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I'm in western NY and the only hardbotter I know of around here, so I need your help.

My first and current board is a Burtom Factory Prime 151 190's. I am 5'9", 185 lbs. I can carve it on moderate terrain but would like added length for stability. I like the soft flex of the board and the short turning radius works well on our narrow slopes. I am looking for something in the 164 range.

I did try an Oxygen Limited 171. I found that to be too much of a GS board for my needs and a bit stiff as well.

Thanks in advance,


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Thanks Jim,

I ride at Bristol Mt and Swain. The only time I see others on alpine boards is when Cleveland Metro comes racing. I have entered a few of their races and did OK. I have trouble on my 151 when the speeds start getting higher - it gets twitchy. To prove I don't know squat about boards, is Madds the manufacturer? I will look around.

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Make sure to get the Madd158 STIFF, thats the board you want. I'm in Cleveland and have the 170 and180 and they work great all around,crowds or not.

I assume you mean the Alp 158. I see it comes in three flavors f1, f2, f3. Any idea what these mean. Also, $850 will leave quite a mark. In addition to the boarding, I race on two sticks, multiple disciplines. The equipment expense gets kinda crazy after a while.

Any suggestions for older or used boards?

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Your current Burton FP is a 151cm? I bet you can bend it well, not made for an adult your size.

Check out: Quiver clearance(Oxygen, Rossi) in the for sale forum. The 172cm Oxygen Proton is a great board, but maybe too much like the 171cm that you already rode. The 160cm Rossi should bend well and it is almost new.

Keep an eye out for a Burton Ultra Prime in the mid-high 160's. Try out the Advanced Search function up above.

168 UP, maybe still for sale? Email him direct by clicking on his name, then send email through BOL



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The Madd is a great board. But if your looking to save some funds

there is a sweet Volkl 163 Renntiger SL on Ebay and the starting bid

is $20.00. The Renntigers side cut is 9.15 and will make a great small

mountain carving machine.

Have a good one


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