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A ray of Sunshine


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I didn't get on Bomber all weekend and when I come back there's lots of new threads, and lots of stuff for sale for me to look at while I'm bunking off work today. It must be winter.

ANYWAY... today is a great day.

My exam is over so I have my life back for three months or so.

My new (used) Coiler arrives this week.

And I went to Sunshine on Saturday and had a kick a$$ day's boarding and hanging out with friends. The conditions off Divide rocked, the grooming was superb, and there was nobody there. Good, good times.

Just passing the happy vibes to everyone on Bomber. Think snow!!

:) :) :) :)

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Those are some good vibes that you're sending out. They added to the good vibes that I'm feeling latley, so now I'm just a great big good viber.

I learned the other night that I'm getting a pass to my favorite mountain, I'm going out tomorrow, thursday, and for free on friday, my dog is getting healthier. You know what? It's just been a good 3 weeks. Congrats on the new coiler, Bruce makes a hell of a board.

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We did a few runs off the baby chair on Sat and there was a lot of gravel around, so the Donek will have to stay home for a little longer. Off to Fernie for New Years and the snow conditions there look good, snow forecast for all this week, and then the temperature is supposed to drop significantly to help firm it all up. So I think that will be the grand debut. I'll let you know what I think for sure!

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