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Tool for separating the knees?


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Ah, so basically a long island ice tea without all that pesky triple sec, sour mix, and coke to water it down. Just the 4 main liquors.

The instructions should read:

Mix contents in a 46oz big gulp glass, consume on an empty stomach, wait 20 minutes, then try to stand up and make it to the board rack. Fall down and don't move until the paramedics arrive to stuff a tube down your nose to pump your stomach. Repeat.

I don't know if you'd remember where your knees were during that time, though.

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That reminds me of the horrible crap we used to drink when we were barely teenagers...We all would pinch a few shots out of every bottle from our assorted parents liquor cabinets and mix it all together and then pass it around out in the snowy woods. We called it a "graveyard". Sooooo nasty...always had too much canadian whiskey, creme de minte and gin......Bleahhh!

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