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Alpine + Slalom Waterskiing

Corduroy Artisan

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I am new here and decided to see what i could find about waterskiing and Carvers. There is some good stuff but I am surprised there is not more.

The Relativity between carving and slalom waterskiing is so close for me. The closest thing that compares to ripping a highspeed carve on a race board is laying down a huge arc on the water behind a boat!

I fantasize about a steep consistent pitch of freshly winch-cat groomed corduroy in summer-

& in winter

a perfect reflecting glass behind a mastercraft at sunset when the lake is warm like bathwater in late july-


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I don't like the water when it is mirror smooth, makes the ski do funky things when I am running 32 off. Me, I like the water with just a bit of wind chop to break up the surface tension. The ski seems to perform much better then.

I remember when I used to barefoot ski, I thought that mirror water would be the best, little did I realize that when you barefoot on mirror water the water actually burns your feet from hitting the same spot. Now I like a little wind chop when I barefoot too.

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That's wierd- I was just daydreaming yesterday about the differences and similarities in my old water slalom days and the carving I now do on the mountain. Was wondering how I could turn so well on the ski with no binding angle (or 90 degrees, in snow terms), and whether it was possible to board without an angle, or practical/possible to waterski with angles like snowboards. I'm no physics whiz, but do wonder if one could learn from the other??? Come to think of it, I'm really no carving wonder-boy either.

I know (and remember) just enough to be dangerous.

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