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It's my understandin that the tongues in the Raichle boots come in different degrees of stiffness. Many times I seem to be wanting more flex and I have no idea as to the stiffness of the tongues in my Raichlee 324's. I seem to remember a thread that addressed this issue but can't seem to find it. I seem to remember something about them being color coded with regards to stiffness but that there were problems with the reliability of that system. Is this worth pursuing? Do softer tongues make a significant difference? Keep in mine we're still talking about boots here...he he. :D

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Search by author for the thread - try Fin or Maciek. Clik on "members" then select F or M and you should see the access to the author's posts.


I beefed up my 323's by first chaning the tongues then be adding a Booster Strap.

If you want a little softer try loosening up your top boot buckle.

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Guest Joe Marksz

A number of years ago I had a bunch of different Raichle tongues so I did some experimenting. One thing I tried was trimming down the top of the tongue a little. Just like .25 to .50 of an inch or so. This made it ride softer forward because I had more leverage on it but didn't change the lateral stiffness too much. I actually used it quite often for all mountain kind of riding. That was the nice thing about the SB's. So easy to change the tongues out.

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