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  1. Thanks guys for your posts. They rode a lot better today.
  2. Thanks again everyone. I've had them mounted and ridden them for about two weeks now. Here's my review of the F2 Titanium Race Bindings: I HATE THEM! My boots move around like crazy in them, no matter how tight I crank the toe and heel pieces. Now the entire toe piece for my front foot is slipping around while my boot is in place. I took apart the entire toe assembly, dried everything out and put it back together. It still wriggles around like mad. I find it hard to believe that many actual racers use these bindings. I'm back in the market for a good set of Bomber TDs.
  3. Hi Chad, How old are the Bomber TD3 bindings? What kind of discs are you selling with them? Thanks
  4. Many thanks for your responses. Yes, I've gotten the word that they are the correct screws, you just have to really push hard to compress the gasket when you insert them.
  5. Thanks Chouinard. just wondering why F2 tells you to only use the enclosed screws? They don't reach!
  6. After 27 years of riding Bomber bindings, I bought a set of F2 Race Titanium for my new Donek Freecarve. So far, I can't get them to sit still when I ride. My question is about the rubber gasket that comes with the bindings. It sits inside the circular opening for the plate. When I try to attach the bindings to the board with the gasket in place, the screws that are included won't even begin to reach and thread the insert. (Also, there is a disclaimer with the bindings that you should only use the enclosed screws to attach to the board.) So, I removed the gasket from each bindings in
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a set of TD3 bindings with 3-hole plates for my Burton Factory Prime. Ideally, I'd like a 0-degree cant plate and a 3-degree cant plate, but I'll take anything with the 3-hole pattern.
  8. Hi I'm looking for a TD3 with 3-hole plates for a Burton board please?

    I'm willing to just buy the plates if they are only thing available.

  9. Does anyone have a TD1 3-hole baseplate with a 3-degree cant that they want to sell please? I bought a second set of TD1 last year, but they came with four-hole baseplates. I ride Burton, so I need 3-hole plates. I have my original TD1 with 3-hole plates on my everyday board. I ride the front foot level, but the back foot 3-degrees canted. I'm looking for another set of 3-hole baseplates for a different board, one that includes a 3-degree canted plate. I know it's a needle in a haystack, but thought this would be the place to find one. I'm also looking for TD screws. Thanks.
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