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Turn your raichle single lock into a 3 or 5 lock in 30 mins

Guest wile

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i like to mess around with thing that work.

and i found out that you can turn your Raichle SB single lock into a 3 or 5 position lock. Its pretty easy if you have a drill, a hammer and some mechanical understanding. The metal that you have to drill and that the lock pin click into is "pig steel" which means is pretty weak. but worse case senario, your out 12 bucks to buy a new one from the mother ship (bomber store).

1. hammer out your pins holding the adjuster in, with a screw driver or nail.

2. Once out you can see behind the lock where the pin sides and locks into the hole.

3. If you are going to try to make a 5 lock, this will weaken the metal due to lack of material between holes. but if you want to try, use a 7/32 drill bit. and space the holes 1/16 an inch appart.

plan ahead, you may have to shave plastic. (yes i'm destructive)

4. I suggest a 3 position, space a hole on the top and bottom of the existing hole. Make sure it is lined up with the fisrt hole or it will not work. Use the 7/32" bit and drill out the holes. space them at least 3/32" from the main hole. you will have to play with the bit in the hole a bit to stretch it out a tad. the Pin is about 1/64 bigger then 7/32 but this works the best.

make sure you don't drill into the plastic once though the metal.

5. make sure the pin snaps into the new holes.

6. put the adjuster back in the slots, and slide the pins back though to lock it.

strap on your boots and test out your new multiple adjustments!

preferably at home first.

If you mess it up, don't blame me.

enjoy, ask me if you need more help.

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